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Romanian Economic Forum

The first installment of our event

The Romanian Economic Forum, the first edition which will take place on 18 and 19 October 2018, a premiere and a unique moment in the Romanian event market, was born out of the idea that Romania, through its strategic position, can play an important role in economic and social life in Europe and beyond.

We want to build an event that will serve as a platform for discussion on the key and topical issues of the Romanian and regional economy, such as: regional integration, investment growth, the development of new industrial and technological sectors, and the role of global changes on Romania. At the head of these debates, we will have to better understand how we position ourselves on the four major EU objectives: the economic union, the financial union (its completion), the fiscal union (including a shock absorption mechanism in the euro area), the political union.




Among the Romanian Economic Forum topics:
  • The place and role of Romania in a European Union that tends to adopt a new model of development
  • What can Romania propose when taking over the presidency of the Council of Europe
  • Increasing competitiveness and achieving structural convergence. Is Romania able to comply with the EU objective of maintaining responsible fiscal policies?
  • Creating favorable conditions for innovation
  • Directly productive investment policy and the creation of an SME environment conducive to growth
  • New ways of developing trade and defining new export markets
  • The vision of an energy security strategy
  • Promoting opportunities and creating an attractive framework for global investors
  • Europe 2040 face to face with demographic challenges
  • Rapid and effective implementation of the migration strategy towards the digital society

Finmedia and the “Financial Market” magazine want the Romanian Economic Forum to highlight Romania’s ability to play an important and active regional role, all the more so as we are in the moment of taking over the presidency of the EU Council.

In addition, Romania needs to demonstrate that it may become a top 15 economy in the European Union and that, at 100 years after the Great Union, we are a nation that can raise serious issues on the road map of European Union development, in particular, and in a globalized world in general.

Enjoying an international participation, the Forum will bring together 50 speakers and over 250 business community leaders, heads of international and regional organizations present in Romania, officials, ministers, experts, consultants, journalists.

Events from the Forum will take place in the form of sessions, panels, round tables, debates and business dialogues. The Romanian companies present at the Forum will have the opportunity to interact with representatives of public institutions, ministers, with Romanian and foreign businessmen.

We invite you to come together with us and together to contribute as much as possible to the achievement of Romania’s medium and long-term goals and to redefine its role as a truly regional player.

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Make sure you are among the over 250 attendees from the business comunity, heads of international and regional organisations active in Romania, government officials, ministers, experts, consultants, journalists.


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Maarten OONK

Deloitte Center for the Edge


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    • Stejarii Country Club
    • 14A Jandarmeriei Str.
    • Bucharest, 013896
    • (+40) 21 316 7569
    • 09:00 - 17:00